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About Chandelier Rental

Chandelierrental is a sister organisation of the Dutch based company SHOWLIGHT BV. Our company was established in the Dutch town of Beuningen in 1996. We have up to 500 chandeliers of various types and sizes in stock at all times. In the Dutch town Leek is a second warehouse for the North.

Our chandeliers have been displayed in over 10 different countries in Europe including Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Franse, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, as well as Malta and the United Kingdom. In Spain we have a national office and for the past two years have supplied both the Spanish and Portuguese market.

Our transport department is organised to facilitate the delivery and return of any number of chandeliers and other illumination products with different sized vehicles that can carry up to 18 tonne. Our personal are all expert light technicians and our transport drivers are conversant with international regulations and able to speak in a number of languages. We pride ourselves on flexibility and also achieve the best results through the use of skilled and well tried logistical support.

We pride ourselves on giving a high level of service. We are ready to answer your questions at any time and provide for you immediate response and provide affordable quotations to answer the needs of any event. We supply our products to a whole range of applications and clients. These clients range from the small to the very large. From broadcasting to television and every other form of commerce and enterprise that exists.
We pride ourselves on innovation and are seen in the theatrical , entertainment and display world as TREND SETTERS.
We give all our clients a complete service.

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